Hailey Bieber’s Pregnancy Looks Are Predictably Anti-Maternity


Hailey Bieber–mother of the viral Rhode phone case–announced last week that she was expecting her first child in a custom Saint Laurent dress and a veil-like headdress. The model was renewing her vows in Hawaii with husband, Justin Bieber, who was dressed in a backwards Atlanta Braves cap and a fleece: an outfit that further underscored their overdressed-underdressed dynamic, which, despite what all the armchair fashion psychologists operating on X may say, was never representative of marital chaos.

In the days following that broadcast, a “close source” to the Biebers confirmed that Hailey is a little over six months pregnant–suggesting that spectators have already witnessed elements of the model’s mother-to-be wardrobe. Think: Balenciaga cocoon jackets, longline Christopher Esber coats, oversized Saint Laurent jackets and padded Meryll Rogge bombers that helped to conceal the bump before the obligatory black-and-white photoshoot announcement had time to be scheduled.

With perhaps the exception of a smocked dress from Frankies Bikinis, all of these outfits have railed against the comfort-driven expectations of traditional pregnancy clothes. See also: the bulwark-shouldered Balenciaga blazer and tailored Wardobe.NYC trousers and Proenza Schouler loafers that Hailey wore during her first official pap walk as an expectant mum yesterday afternoon. A crop top laid bare what the people so desperately wanted to see–it’s just a shame she didn’t think of giving that “Nepo Baby” tee a second outing. (A missed opportunity she now has around three months to rectify.)

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