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About us

At TUT Global, we constantly strive to keep our audience, readers and our followers to Stay Informed and Stay Ahead with constant flow of quick & latest information on our news portal website housed at the domain

We therefore believe is your gateway to the latest and most impactful news, insights, trends from diverse fields from around the world.

Who We Are:

We are a passionate group of reporters and individuals dedicated to delivering accurate, unbiased news and reports across various spectrum of topics. Whether it from Politics and business to technology and automobile, from entertainment and lifestyle to health and fitness, curating a content on our platform for global audience.

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple yet powerful to ensure constant state of being informed, engaged, and empowered. In a continuously and rapidly changing world to stay ahead in this competitive world we need to have a competitive edge and we believe it comes from both precise and timely information. TUT Global motto is same to deliver news, analysis, stories that shape the world.

Our Fact Check Team:

Delivering most accurate, true and importantly unbiased news is most crucial while publishing stories. In pursuit of this commitment our highly skilled and experienced fact check team continuously try to dig deep for every piece of news and stories we publish on our portal, we make sure that every piece of content that goes on to our portal is imbued with authenticity, unwavering truth, and an impartiality that resonates deeply.

Our Fact Check Team –

SachinMr. Sachin Kelkar leads our fact check team and is Chief Verification Officer (CVO) at TUT Global.

Mr. Kelkar has an experienced of 11 years in the field of Internet Research, to dig deep and break every piece of news using various Internet tools is his personal style of work.

Apart from breaking news and fact checking, his hobbies include Critical Thinking and discussing scientific topics.